Friday, August 19, 2005

pictures, pictures

posting thru blogger's website is really a pain in the you-know-what. don't understand what takes it so long to load the "post" page.

anyways. thought i should share some pics i took from the event. and here they are:

these two girls are blind, i believe. and yet, their talents in singing are way beyond mine. no, i'm not being modest. seriously. when you think that they can't see or read the songs ("normally", i might add, even though they can technically, using braille), it's so amazing. i'm nothing compared to them. and when they sang, i must admit i shed a tear or two. only a mindless person wouldn't be touched when these girls sing. and when they were done, i gave them a standing ovation. heck, i'm having goosebumps typing this down, remembering the event.

these kids were my charges during the games. the games were coloring, puzzle, and collecting balloons. and they didn't seem much like intellectually-challenged kids when they did those games. no. i saw them as normal kids, having fun.

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