Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Death. Inescapable.

(posted by email) On the other hand, ada 1 temen gw di friendster, namanya iyank. She's just lost her boyfriend. Dia sedih banget I feel sorry for her. Di profil dia di fs, ada foto dia & jenazah conya. Gw mrinding banget liatnya. Hal spt ini yg gw gak mo terjadi ke pacar gw (if i ever get one, that is), & keluarga gw. Bikin org lain sedih. Now, i still believe i'll die young. And soon. Why? Because i'm a violent person. Gw gampang marah. Dan gw udah bbrp kali ada dlm situasi yg cukup panas. I can get killed. Dan jg, i'm kinda sub-consciously hoping i'll catch cancer or something. Sad. But, on the other hand, i'm very curious to know how people will react when they hear my dying. Org akan ketauan popularitas sebenarnya ketika dia meninggal. Not that i'm worried about my popularity, though.

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