Monday, August 15, 2005

The boring side of me

(posted by email) I like singing. No, make that: i love singing. But i HATE dancing. And i don't like to sing with... how is it called... movements? Yeah. Basically i'm a boring person. I stand still when i sing. So sue me. That's why i hated this night's session. Because we'll have to sing AND dance on august 17. Damn it! I may have re-entered psgp too soon.

All those rehearsals and lotsa announcements were all added up, and we finished at 10h05. Omigod. So late! Well, i maybe a little bit subjective here, since i didn't enjoy it. Anyway, after we finished, nola (or the FASHION DESIGNER as i called her in my old blog) prepared some snacks because she celebrated her bday last week. I didn't bother to stay and eat. Instead, i went straight away, and a taxi was conveniently waiting. And here i am. Now, the question is: would i stay and eat if it was someone else? Not likely. In this case, i was too tired already. Would i stay if THE GIRL asked me to? Now that's hard to answer. Hahaha... Probably not, but i'd tell her my reason and said sorry, which i didn't in nola's case. Hehehe...

On a different note, there's been some changes at the office. BAWANG's authority is cut, and Didin is now a deputy manager. That's quite a relief. What i'm still not satisfied until BAWANG leaves for good.

Damn. I'm so full of rants tonight or what?

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