Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Deja vu all over again

(posted by email) Had dinner with yathie. We talked a lot. And the topic was psgp. Despite what i said earlier in this blog, i love and care about psgp so much i just can't ignore there are problems with the choir. And what worries me is those are the same problems we had before i left. Geez... I'm speechless. What problems? Politics! Motivation! "Worldly" concepts, if you ask me. Come on, people! We're a church organization, for God's sake (no pun intended). There should be no politics. We're SERVING God together. Why must there be politics? And motivation. There should be only one motivation: serving God. That's it. I may not be a good christian, i must admit, but i do know what my purpose is (and was, and has been) when i'm with psgp.

Anyway, yathie pointed out that people like me, her, and others who do care about psgp should voice our concerns out. Oh, i'd love to. But where? When i was in the bulletin, i could write something. But now? *sigh*

Why i always come back to psgp? Because it's my calling. Now, what is your calling?

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