Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Acting the part

(posted by email) I've said on my earlier post that i didn't enjoy the event. Did i? Yathi said i looked happy with the kids. She said, "Tp gw liat lo kaka' yg baik deh td phen. G gak tau itu emang lo suka sm tuh anak2 atw lo skdr brusha mnjlnkan peran lo dg sebaik2nya, tp klu emang bner itu cm skdr berperan, lo sangat brhsl." Uplifting words, indeed. Now, is she correct? Was i pretending? Was i trying to be something i wasn't? Don't think so. I was given a task, and i tried my best to do it. And do it right. That's why i'm so tired now. Working at something you don't like is harder, because you don't enjoy it.

I'm now questioning myself: why the hell did i bother to be involved in the event? Maybe because it was a psgp event. But i think, really, it was because "the girl" asked me. And being "in a crush" as i was, i jumped at the opportunity. To impress her, maybe? Dunno... *sigh* And now here i am, feeling tired and empty.

Oh well. At least yathi got some nice words for me: "Tp apa yg lo kerjain dg baik & dg kesel trnyata jd berkat buat org lain."

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