Thursday, December 01, 2005

saying goodbye is never good

last night, i said goodbye to Yati, who'd be leaving for good to Palu. Unfortunately the occasion was ruined, thanks to the fashion designer. And we spent the night, with Debby, in hospital (with reinnese), pasaraya (looking for parker pens, jeans, and tickets), so we didn't have much time to talk about anything.

in the end, we went to starbucks, still trying to get her ticket. no luck, so she may have to go to airport and try to get a cancelled ticket. poor girl.

10pm the starbucks closed. away we went for taxi. i went to a different way, so i said goodbye there. i hugged her and kissed her cheeks. then she started to cry. oh no! fortunately Debby was there to comfort her. after that, both of them boarded the taxi and went. and i'm afraid i'm not going to see her for a long, long time. or, even worse, that was the last time.

now, yati is one "remnant", or should i say "link", to the old psgp, before i left for australia. she joined just before i left. so, when i rejoined psgp in 2001, she was one person i instantly recognized.

yati was my (and Ramses') favorite joke subject. and no matter how "cruel" we were, she'd just laugh. well, she acted angry from time to time, but as we didn't really mean to insult her, she played along. gosh, i'll miss those times greatly.

yati was also the one person i could talk to about anything. well, mainly psgp, though, since she was deeply involved. now i'll have noone to discuss about pgsp anymore.

ARRGGGGHHHH!! circumstances, circumstances.

well, kurniyati mathilda pusung, take good care of yourself ya. i'm missing you already. may your mom get well soon.

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