Saturday, September 17, 2005


hari jumat kmrn turned out to be one of the worst days in my life. rencananya rapat acara psgp di kfc bulungan. cuma 4 org yg dateng, termsk gw. that was bad. i could use the time for something else, namely, resting. untungnya brains from those 4 persons could work and we made some decisions. tapi itu bkn hal yg gawat, gw udah tau lah anak2 effatha itu emang disiplinnya ancur banget.

yg bikin gw kesel adalah berita bhw ce yg gw lg taksir itu udah ada rencana utk married. !&%&%!@(*%!%@(!)_! why oh why. dan hari ini stlh gw sms2an sama dia, i kinda got a confirmation from her that indeed, she's being involved with someone. hmph. oh well. at least that was better than a rejection. tapi tetap aja SAYA KESALLLLLLL!!!!

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