Thursday, September 15, 2005

If Then Else

surat berantai. it's everywhere. dulu, ya pake pos. some people were actually really, really scared when they received it, they did what was told, almost instantly. gw mgkn bakal ngelakuin hal yg sama sih, honestly.

terus email mulai populer. logically, surat berantai muncul juga lewat email. ada hoax virus. ada email2 aneh lain2nya. dan skrg, surat berantai malah bisa otomatis "merantaikan" *istilah apa tuh ye?!?!* dirinya sendiri, alias email yg isinya worm2 itu. hebat.

next, sms. it started to piss me off. klo gw gak fwd isi smsnya (yg biasanya religius), gw bakal ketiban sial, friends will go away, romance will not happen, etc etc... GEEZ!!

dan skrg, surat berantai muncul di bulletin board friendster! isinya ya sama aja. ancaman2, klo kita gak terusin post. dan berkat2, klo kita post.

now, seharusnya utk email & bb fs, it's almost effortless ya, tinggal klik forward, ato copy post. but that's not the problem. if i want to fwd something over email or bb, i'd do that. tapi gw gak demen klo pake diancem2. hey, what can a bunch of text do? put a spell on me? come on, people. you don't actually believe you'll be liked by new people a couple of days after you hit that forward button. not if you don't change your attitude or behaviour. on the other hand, if you're well-liked already, you don't need to send anything over the internet to get new friends, do you?

it's just common sense lah. save your time, save my time, save our time. cut the bullshit, stop wasting bandwidth and space.

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