Sunday, July 10, 2005

The story of me being sentimental

(posted by email) There she goes, there she goes again... *sixpence none the richer* What an appropriate song for my sister. She went thru all those unnecessary troubles to bring her daughter here, to be kept under the clutches of our parents. No, i wasn't joking. I still think it's a bad idea to separate a child from the parents. And now she realized what i'd been saying was right. Too bad. I doubt my parents can be two good guardians. Heck, look at me! I'm just praying Chelsea won't have to stay long here. When my sis & hubbie are settled, they'll pick her up. In the mean time, i'll have to act as a watcher. *sigh*

That leads me to the topic of me getting settled. Now, i'm quite happy being what i am, thank you. But if people ask me of a significant other, the answer is a big NO. I'm quite aware of myself, to know that the solitary life is good enough. Sure, i enjoy some companies here and there, but i'm not going to drag a poor girl into my bizarre life. And i don't want to be held responsible for creating children who are as strange as me. Sorry, world!

That being said, i sure do like those time i spent with this one particular girl. Hell, i even went the distance and said for movie, meal, and coffee. Hahaha... And i must admit i had a crush on her once. She's a good friend. Keeps updating me of any new happenings (or: GOSSIPS!) at gramedia. Doesn't mind being annoyed (or at least she's a good pretender, hahaha...). Do i like her? As a good friend, yes. Period. End of story. No more questions! Hahaha...

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