Monday, July 25, 2005


(posted by email) Wow! So many things've happened last week.

First, I NOW HAVE A COMPUTER! Hahaha... Yeah, after being undecided for so long, i went to buy a laptop. At the computer exhibition. It's an acer aspire, so it's more a desktop replacement than a notebook. It has a nice spec, so i won't be worrying about upgrading soon (read= who am i kidding here?!) Hahaha... On a more serious note, i won't have to ask didin for it division's laptop anymore, everytime i need to do something from home.

Second. I'm going to a doctor to check my right eye, which has been bugging me for a week now. Hopefully it's not anything serious.

Third. It was reinnesse's bday last saturday. He invited the choir to his house for a little party. It was my chance of getting re-acquainted with the choir, especially the new guys & gals. "new" from my perspective, btw. And i wasn't disappointed. I'd say this "version" of psgp is the most close-knitted one i've ever been in. Everyone's getting along just fine, and i feel welcomed. I'm getting more convinced i made the right decision. However, i feel intrigued when i see this particular girl. I'm sure i'd never met or known her before, but she added me in friendster. She was also very nice to me that night. Interesting. I can't deny the fact that i'm attracted. There's one big turn off, however. She's older than me. In fact, at least according to her profile in friendster, she's almost as old as my sister. Damn! Hahaha...

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