Monday, July 11, 2005

Back in the loop

(posted by email) Well, i said i was going to rejoin paduan suara gerakan pemuda effatha. And i did. Under an unfortunate circumstance, however. I sent a message to kak nancy, asking if there was going to be a practice tonight. And then she called me. And she brought a sad news: feris was dead. Feris was one of the most unselfish guys at effatha, i must say. I had the chance to work with him once so many years ago, and i saw how full of energy he was. It turned out that he always worked hard at everything he did. And it took a toll. I heard he had a stroke. And the cause of his death is coroner related. I'm sad.

The funny thing was, if i wasn't planning on coming back, i wouldn't have known about his death at all. This made me sure that i made the right decision.

The practice itself was a mess. It didn't begin until 20h50. And we had to sing at the service. Luckily the chose a very familiar song, one that i like so much. So no problem there. Back to the practice, things were actually worse than when i left. So few people. I didn't have the time to ask around whether it was a one-off or not. I hope i can somehow contribute to this choir again. For this, i must give a big thanks to kak brenda/jeff, who opened my heart and eyes.

One more thing. There was nola. I had a crush on her back before i "retired". But the relationship became so bad, i hated her very much. I once wrote an article in the church's youth magazine, with "friendship" as the theme. In it, i actually ripped on her, in a way that only she, and some friends who knew the situations, could understood. And one person called me. She told me my article hit the spot. Bullseye! Hahaha... So, naturally, i expected myself to feel something when i came to the practice. She is, afterall, the choir's president. And i think i still feel some animosity towards her, but hey, i'm a grown up man, and i'm better than that.

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