Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"what is ipod?"

(posted by email) I still can't believe i'd hear someone say: "hey, what does an ipod do?" What the?! But i heard it just today. From someone who knows how to use computers, nonetheless. It amazed me. Really. To be fair, ipod is still somewhat new here. But it's now almost synonymous with "mp3 player", much as "walkman" is synonymous with portable cassette player. Heck, i bought mine, because it's an ipod, not just "an mp3 player". Otherwise i'd buy one of those creative jukeboxes. So what am i saying here? I'm saying that as someone who works in an IT industry, i still need to realize that there are people who know zip about IT. Perhaps i can think of some topics to write. Hmmm... That gives me an idea or two. Let's see... But i'd need a computer first. I must go to FKI!

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