Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Been away for too long

(posted by email) My singing ability is rusty! I didn't realize it on monday, coz kak daisy wasn't there. Today, she told me right away. And i felt it myself. Damn! And this sunday psgp will sing at the 8 o'clock service. In the morning! What a nice way to start, eh? Hahaha... And to make things more interesting, there'll only be 3 of us for the bass. Kak daisy has stated that only those who came and practice today can sing on sunday. Fortunately i knew one of the two songs. Unfortunately, i've never felt comfortable singing it. Oh well, it's a challenge, right? And anyway, i always liked sitting in the front of the church with the choir. It's a privilege. And nothing can take it away from me.

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