Friday, July 29, 2005

Power is everything

(posted by email) I lost my power. That's it. My previously good singing prowess has disappeared. I can feel it, and kak daisy confirmed it. That means i'd have to start all over again. Ahhh... Becoming a rookie, again... But how can i lost it? The only possible explanation i can think of is that i was away from singing for too long. The last time i trained, properly, was with simplicita choir for gramedia's christmas celebration in 2003/2004. That was 1,5 years ago. After that, it was sporadic. Especially after i had my surgery.

No, don't get me wrong here. I can still sing. I can still read the notes. Those are easy. Zero effort. What i lost is power. I can't turn my volume up AND still sing properly. I also lost the ability to sing very low notes, one thing i could do quite easily in the part.

Now what i've got to do is to get as many "singing hours" as i can. Singing was one thing where i stood out. I'm determined to be able to stand out again!

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