Tuesday, July 19, 2005

not a good day

(posted by email) my cold is getting worse. luckily i don't have a running nose *note: how scary it is to imagine seeing a nose running around on its own*, but there's something wrong with my eyes. can't seem to focus correctly. hmmm.. maybe i need one of those autofocusing sony ericsson k750i's ya. oh well.
while on the subject of phones, my n-gage has been acting up again. i suspect it's because of agile messenger. i've removed it, and hopefully the problems will go away. my other phone, or rather, my cdma account, has been re-activated. it's been de-activated for over a month because i over-used it for internet. what a bum.
in the meantime, i don't have the spirit right now to do anything. there's one presentation has to be done by tomorrow the latest. let's see if i can borrow a laptop and do it at home.

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