Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The good and bad things of being pick

(posted by email) Swollen blood vessel. Sounds scary. That's what's causing the brownish circle on my right eye. Nothing critical, though. Medicines are enough.

The good thing is, i get two stay out of office for 2 days. Obviously, i have some discomfort seeing, but the appointments with the doctor all happened during the day. That's why i couldn't come to office.

The break gave me time to familiarize myself with my new computer. I've been tinkering with it since day one. I also discovered the joy (and also pain) of video conferencing. At least, now, my sis & donny can see chelsea in real time.

I also had the chance to tidy up my ipod. It's now fully synchronized with my notebook. The downside is it takes about 12gigs of harddisk space for all my ipod's songs.

Next is, naturally, the internet. I must put some real strong mental dampeners in my mind to not getting carried away and stay connected for too long.

And while on the subject of internet, i couldn't resist checking friendster again to see this girl. And i was suprised to see that she's older than my sis! Wow! That's a big no-no. It's kind of reminder for me to stay on track. Hmmm...

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