Monday, June 27, 2005

batman begins

(posted by email) Wow. My first movie in more than a year. And what a movie it was: batman begins. But somehow i wasn't impressed. Dunno why. It's got lotsa explosions, actions, basically everything needed to make a good action movie. The story itself reminds me of knightquest, a story where batman tried to regain his mantle from azrael. From his ninja training up to his test, when he was asked to kill.

I couldn't help myself and wished for liam neeson to somehow draw a lightsaber. You know, from star wars episode i.

Too bad the "arkham asylum" was translated to a mere RSJ.

And the wayne manor? Isn't that the xavier mansion? Look the same to me.

All in all, not bad. But it could've been better. Or maybe i was just a fan who knows too many batman stories and wishes for more! Hahaha...

Next on my list are fantastic four and sin city.

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