Monday, June 13, 2005

A blast from the past

(posted by e-mail) Met kak brenda (real name: jeff) saturday at tante hetty's party. We talked. It's been quite some time since i last met him. Turned out he's married. Whoa! Finally! Hahaha... Naturally, he asked me when i'll tie the knot. And my answer was, as usual, "Ah, i don't know. Don't think it's really important." This time, he got me thinking by saying, "Well, that's what you think. But you don't know what HE thinks." Touché. Don't want to get too religious here, but somehow i think he's right. I haven't been quite faithful enough these days. Then he added some more, "I heard you quit the choir. Maybe because you think it's the right thing to do. But what HE thinks may not be the same." Damn! I couldn't argue there. I always thought i could always serve HIM differently. Like the bulletin. Only then it folded. I tried the gramedia choir. Then i quit gramedia. I just can't find the time. Or have i been sub-consciously avoiding the time? *sigh* Dunno. I really don't know. And i'm not ready to go back. Not yet.

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