Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm going back

(posted by email) I'm getting more and more itchy to go back singing. With a choir. And as simplicita looks out of reach for now, PSGP would be my best option. What makes me want to go back? Many things. But one of the most important is kak brenda's words (hint: see my previous post). Yesterday i was in a small discussion with judica, melissa, and maretha, on churches and services. It got me thinking of a promise i haven't been keeping for almost a year now.

I also managed to create playlist on my ipod, so i could separate my gospel and indonesian songs, among others. I can relive my gramedia days, when i just fired up winamp and played the gospel songs. In the past, i'd feel weird if i hadn't listened to a gospel song for more than a day. I want to have those feeling back.

Another consideration is i've been feeling quite empty nowadays. No social life. Work, work, work. Now that i've passed my probation and have been made a permanent employee, i think i can spare a little bit of time to do other things.

My plan is to start after my sis go back to sydney. I won't miss any time while she's here. Heck, it'll probably take 2 years before we can see each other again.

It'll be awkward, popping up and rejoining the choir, no doubt. Stephen Alexander Yoshua Warouw, eat your pride away!

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