Saturday, June 25, 2005


(posted by email)
1. Clapping while singing
2. Repeating song over and over
3. Long, ass kissing prayers

Yup, i'm talking about those charismatics. Let me elaborate more on those three.

1. I don't mind clapping while singing, IF, i'm in a party or in a concert. Not in a service! Oh, and don't give me that "you're not praising God if you're not clapping" bullshit.

2. Songs have verses and refrains, of course. In a song book, any song book, you'll find "directions" on how to sing a song, ie. "go to refrain after this" or "repeat refrain twice". But these charismatics just feel the need to emphasize, so they'll repeat songs over and over and over... Even longer than the energizer bunny would go! If you want to sing so badly, can't you PLEASE do it in your own time? Not everybody is a charismatic, you know?

3. Charismatics usually pray for a VERY long time. For all prayers. Today, just for a meal's prayer, it took 10 minutes. Good gracious! And it was full of ass kissing. Why won't you just get to the point? Again, if you feel you've a lot to pray, please do it in your own time? Not everybody needs to hear you kiss someone's ass.

Hmph. Make no mistake, i'm a christian. But still i dislike the way these people do their religion chores. To make it even worse, some of them even think like everyone else is inferior. I was in a service where the priestess (yup, a lady priest) went on and on about the catholics, the protestants, the moslems, the hindus, and the buddhists. And only about the bad things. Damn! It made me very sick, i left before she finished. Hey, i believe my God is the one and only, but i don't think that gives me the right to tell people their religion is wrong.

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