Wednesday, March 30, 2005


capek. gw capek. have i told u that gw capek? hahaha... acara intel yg bikin gw sangat stressed out itu akhirnya kelar. i'm glad. but i'm tired. so tired i can't write this post entirely in english. parah. hahaha...

acaranya sendiri cukup sukses, klo diliat dari jmlh tamu yg dateng & wartawan yg hadir. tp in terms of coordination, it was a BIG MESS!!! wow! i was called here and there. my boss made situations worse by getting panic. she was so panic, our clients panicked as well.

but in the end, everything was ok. the client understood that this was our first event with them. the first big event, since one of their Vice Presidents attended. talking about trial by fire! hahaha...

now, i'm tired.

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