Thursday, March 24, 2005

bloggers everywhere!!

friendster's blog feature has become a 'trend' now, if i may say so. i've got several notifications like this:

"STEPhen SOMEONE has started a blog on Friendster and invites you to take a look!" (SOMEONE is of course actually my friends' names, duh!)

but i don't think many of those "bloggers" will last. at most, they will probably just activate it and do nothing afterwards. i haven't seen it myself. i can't be bothered to take a look at my friends' fs blogs. all i can say is: HARI GENEEEEEEEE BARU NGEBLOG????

anyway. i'm so damn tired today, physically. went to aryaduta around 10pm last night. stayed there until 1am. asus indonesia's guys are really clueless on how to arrange media conferences. no damn clues! the CM looked very tired, and confused. his colleague (or boss) from taiwan, who is actually indonesian, talked to him in "ANGRY" mode. hehehe... oya. these four guys from asus talked in mandarin. i felt like i was in taiwan last night! hahahaha...

ok, that's all for now. still many things to do.

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