Wednesday, March 09, 2005

what a dream!

i slept for more than 8 hours last night. and wow did i dream! hahaha... it was, quite simply, the dream of my dreams! i was home. with a friend. a girl, of course. we were reading some magazines when suddenly i felt asleep on her tummy. yikes! then i woke up (in the dream). the scenery changed. now it was the dining room. there were more girls. i can't remember the details this time, but i think i fell and hit my head on a chair or something. the girls all rushed up to me. then i woke up (in reality). or rather, my alarm woke me up. damn! *LOL*

like i said, it's the dream of my dreams. and it can only happen in a dream! the strange thing is i can remember most of it. now, i'm not one of those people who connect dreams to reality. no, sir! it's just too good to be true! hahaha... but it's still nice, though. now i can daydream all day....

NOT! unfortunately, i have two events coming this month. and those 2 events are less than 2 weeks apart. the first one, a press conference, is next week. it'll be a busy week. i had to cancel and postpone my plan to take a day leave and treat my infokomputer friends to pronto. too bad. but i can't take any chance here.

this week being 1 day short due to a holiday, i'm pretty sure overtimes are waiting with big grins in coming days. *sigh*

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