Thursday, March 10, 2005

deja vu!!

well, not really a deja vu. i was listening to my mp3 collection on my ipaq. there were some indonesian songs. then i realized, i wanted to listen to my whole indonesian mp3s. no problems locating them, since they're on my harddisk. the problem was to put them all in my "tiny" 512mb sd card. yeah, now 512mb tiny for me.

anyway. i didn't want to concede defeat so quickly. then i remembered andy, my friend here at the office, who uses a program called dietmp3 to make the files smaller. small. diet. get it? what this program does actually is reducing the bitrate. to 96kbps. that's it. what i used to do before was decoding the mp3s back to wavs with a program. then recoded those wavs back to mp3s, with lower bitrate, yet with another program. now dietmp3 does that all by itself. nice!

unfortunately the whole files are still significantly larger than my sd card *boo hoo* so i had to choose. no project ps. no dewas. no gigis. no sherinas. damn! so many to leave out!

these indonesian mp3s bring back memories from my time in oz. i spent a significant amount of time while i was there to collect these songs, from irc, napster, websites, and others, so almost each one is memorable. that's why i don't enjoy current indonesian songs nowadays, since there's no memory. riga said, "create a new memory then." well, like my sd card, my memory is now almost full. hahaha...

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