Sunday, March 13, 2005

(posted from wapblogger) Still a hot day & night. It rained a bit this afternoon, and it became worse because of the humidity. Argh! I'm not the one who usually complains about temperature around here, but when i do, then it's really bad! Anyway. I broke my own record on chatting from mobile this afternoon, thanks to riga & dela. I can't remember how long, but when i started my batt was fully charged. I had to recharge it midway thru. So i think it was at least 3 hours. Hmmm... Maybe i need new batteries. Hmmm... Anyway (wow that's the 2nd) i found out that dela has a blog. She even learns html because she wants to create her own skin & layout. That's the spirit, girl! I'm somewhat ashamed of myself now. She told me not to put a link to her blog, though.

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