Saturday, March 12, 2005

(posted from wapblogger) love. Marriage. Who wouldn't want them. Well, i don't. Reason number ONE: in my short experience, i've had nothing but bitches at my side. Honestly. Got mad at me for no reason. Compared me with their heroes/favorites. Lied to me. And even cheated on me. And that's enough. I don't care anymore. Reason number TWO: i still think i'm gonna die soon. I started thinking about dying long ago, but unfortunately i'm still here. There were some near misses, though. First, i'm really ashamed of this, my aborted suicide attempt. Second, my accident, which left me with somewhat disfunctional right leg. Third, my last surgery, when my blood pressure went very, very low. Now, i'm sure the Guy up there is working hard on something for me. That's why i'm still alive right now. But i don't think lovelife is on His agenda. Otherwise i'll be married with several children right now, hahaha... Reason number THREE: i'm just too selfish nowadays. This selfishness maybe a result of those first two reasons, but still, i enjoy my now life very much, i'm not gonna waste any second of it being tied to a girl. And that's the bottom line. Cause i said so! =D

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