Friday, March 04, 2005

long sleep

7 hours sleep! imagine that! wow! once in a lifetime! well, not really. just once in three nights, actually. hahahaha...

there was a focus group discussion (fgd) yesterday. some men, including me, were called to attend it. there was this pharmacy company wants to launch a product for men, to somehow build the muscles, increase testoterones, induce deep sleep, and burn fats. that's a lot of function. the problem was, the packaging was soooooooooo not interesting. it looked CHEAP, even though the price was projected at 120.000 for 30 capsules. that's EXPENSIVE. people wouldn't buy it, since they'd perceive the product as a cheap, or even "kampungan" one. my friend even called it "dangdut".

my friends in consumer division were quite surprised to hear and see our reactions. they'll a tough time thinking of a way to promote the product, i'm sure!

oya, talking about fat burner, i'm losing some weight!!! this morning, before i went to office, my mom nicely brought the scale out. i stepped on it cautiously. 98!!! i'm 98! yeah! anything below 100 is very, very, very, very, very good!! still a long way from my target, though, which is below 90. but i'm on the right track. hahaha...

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