Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the dark side

today, my colleagues at indo pacific saw my dark side. the one that can get angry, can yell (loudly!), and can hit things. why? BUMN. again. the same one. i got a call, not actually from the BUMN, but from one of its partners. this person was actually quite nice. but his e-mail really angered me, and instantly my dark persona exploded! well, not really exploded. but it was quite an explosion, my colleagues jumped off their seats. hahaha... anyway, i replied to him with such an anger, he noted it, and he called me almost instantly. i didn't apologize. no way. it was their fault. huh. let them know that i can't be pushed around like a rag doll. when i get mad, those bastards will become rag dolls!

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