Saturday, March 12, 2005

(posted from wapblogger) Man, what a hot day. I guess the rains are really over now. Anyway. Everytime i had the chance to go out for a walk in a mall, i'd take it. For nothing but little exercise. And these 2 days, i went to mangga 2 (if that can be classified as mall), plaza senayan, & plaza indonesia. My leg got so tired i had to drag it when i got home. But it was good. I don't do any "real" sports, so this kind of activities is somewhere near the top of my priority list. Now, i don't know about tomorrow. My sis & her hubbie may want to go out, to cool themselves. Should i go? Should i stay home? If i go, that'll be another opportunity to burn some fat. But my leg may stage a mutiny against me and decide not to work for me on monday. That'll be bad, considering i'll have at least 1 important meeting. If i stay, i (&my leg) can rest, for sure. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions. Let's see tomorrow. If my leg's still sore, i think i'll stay home.

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