Saturday, April 02, 2005

(posted from wapblogger) i hate indians. No, not those red-skinned native-americans. I'm talking about those onion-eaters, smelly, cricket lovers, backstabing low-lifes. Such as the company's it division's technical advisor. Yeah. The bitch. Laughs with you, but backstabs you when you don't see her. Why those indians have to scatter all around the globe? They're everywhere! I know that blasted country is getting crowded, but please mess with your own people! Stab yourselves in the heads or anywhere, i don't care. Just keep your smelly faces off me! Huh. To be fair, i've known some good indians. But generally, i'd stay away. As for the one in the office, i really, really, really wish a new, non-indian, manager can be found real soon, so we can be rid of the bitch. Or i may have to see and try whether my cursing ability can be applied again.

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