Friday, April 08, 2005

Thank yous!

"first of all, i'd like to thank God. then my parents, then my sister, her husband, her daughter, all of my friends..."

yowza! hahaha... last night was the award ceremony of InfoKomputer's Survai Merek Favorit 2004. the magazine did a survey, where the readers sent their inputs on IT brands which came to their minds on specific category. the winner of each category then receive an award.

of course, i went last night, based on personal invitations from jerry, andre, and adam. incidentally, my client, Intel Indonesia, has been winning the favorite processor category. and none of the bosses could make it last night. so, when the mc announced Intel rep to come to the stage, the info guys were all kinda panic, as to who would receive the award. then they saw me (obviously, i was standing among them, laughing, talking, etc), and told me to receive it. i was beaming, honestly. there i was, among IT big names' bosses, receiving the award from my former big boss. hahahaha... unfortunately BENCONG wasn't there. but most likely he'll see me when the pics are published for next month.

anyway. it's always nice to go and see my friends at infokomputer. i'd go anytime i had the chance. i don't want to go comparing sides here, but let's just say ik and ip have different personalities. each has its own highs and lows. obviously i have much more responsibilities here at ip than at ik.

but, gosh, last night was almost surreal to me! hahaha... too bad i can't keep the award!

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