Monday, November 29, 2004

Went to pronto for lunch yesterday. Mom's bday. Actually it was on the 22nd. The bday, not the lunch, mind you. Way much too crowded. Not too long after we arrived, came a horde of country people (or "orang kampung"). All pretended to be modern. But i could see they were nothing but hillbillies. Yuck! From the way the used spoons and forks. The way they ate. The way they talked. Disgusting. Try this, for example. Eat pizza & melons. On the same plate! Pineapple, i could understand. But melon??? Maybe it was some kind of food combining. Or maybe they should stick to warungs and stay out of restaurants! Especially with me around! Grrr... Oya, met lita, too. She was slim, my sister didn't recognize her right away. She said she now works in a hair styling company or something like that. That's why her hair is sorta groovy. Went to metro before getting home. Saw a casio stand. G-shock watches! Hmmm... Wanted to find out how much my watch was (it was a gift i got from im3's point reward program). I wasn't disappointed. 800 thousands something! Wow! I used 6000 points, which i collected for a year or so. It was a very good deal, i suppose.

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