Friday, November 12, 2004

a week off!!!

damn! i was off for a week. then went to the new office for 2 weeks. then, again, a week off!!! hahaha... and today, we're on casual clothes!! 1/2 day too!!! wow!!! hahaha.... i don't even have anything to do today. no media monitoring. no media analysis. just some e-mails to send.

also, a new n-gage game is out. requiem of hell. dunno what it is, though. this is the description i got from uxge:

"You’re Troy, a hero who has returned to a peaceful village life after traversing deep into the belly of Hell, risking your soul to extinguish the fires for good. What nobody told you is that for the last three years, the good sorceress Linda had been using those fires to imprison Dalu, the most evil fiend in existence. Now that he’s free, his strength has increased a hundredfold and he has re-awakened the Dragon Tree – Hell’s own power source. Smooth move, hero."

sounds scary, eh? i'm downloading it as i write this. and i'll have a whole week to play it. and if i get bored, i still have 12 more voltus vcds to go through! hahaha... sounds like a week holiday well-planned, huh??

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