Wednesday, November 03, 2004

new yahoo! id

due to a strange behaviour, my ym, when used with "steve_warouw" wouldn't allow me to add new people. but i needed to add new people. so, i've given up, and created a new yahoo id. it's "stephenwarouw". so if you haven't seen me online for a while, there's a good chance i haven't added you to my new ym. please add me, ok. but i haven't abandoned my old id. i still use it from time to time. i also still use it when i connect to ym from my mobile.

now i feel myself strange. a whole blog in english!!! hahaha... i'm beginning to act like an employee of ippr. here, people talk mostly in english. even though they're fellow indonesians. i used to (and still do) hate talking to fellow indonesians in engligh, but it looks like i'll have to adjust that mindset.

there are some advantages of having worked at infokomputer. my friends have asked me several times to liaise. it feels strange. now i talk to my friends at ik as an outside person. they even changed their tones, you know! hahaha... mbak warih laughed when i talked to her. she said now i talked differently. well... do i?

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