Thursday, November 04, 2004

settling in

i'm settling in rather nicely here, i think. org2nya lymn okeh, funky pula. as far as attitudes go, i'd say not much different to infokomputer. tp yg jelas environmentnya beda banget. di sini, we mostly talk in english. infokomputer, jelas2 kemampuan bahasa inggris sebagian org2nya very, very below standar.

kmrn jg ada buka puasa bersama, sekalian perpisahan sama mbak tjitji, sekretaris chadd. nice food! yeah!

di sini time managementnya jg much better. we have to use a program, called timeslips. it's where we put times on such things like meetings, translations, etc. basically what we do, we put in timeslips. anything that has to do with work, actually. so i don't put how many hours i spent blogging, if you ask me =P

the people... well, i'm comfy with the four people i'm sharing this cubicle with. deden, dania, eka. deden is a consultant, while dania & eka are aes. they're in technology division, like me. enak diajak ngegosip. hehehe... that's the most important thing!

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