Friday, November 26, 2004

X-men movies. What's not to like them? Even though they're very different from the comics, they're still great. The stories, costumes, acting, stars, everything! Not too mention the sexy Mistique! Hubba hubba! And there are comic-related inside jokes everywhere. Like in the first movie, where wolverine complained about his costume. Cyclops responded: "what, you'd prefer yellow spandex?" That was so funny, because in the comics, wolverine's costume was yellow! Hahaha... The last movie also makes me chuckled a bit. Near the end, jean grey was sacrificing herself to save the others. She talked to cyclops thru professor x. When she said goodbye, i thought prof x was going to kiss cyclops! Hahaha... Btw, if there'll be a third movie, i'm quite sure jean grey will return as phoenix. There were hints everywhere in the second. Of course, only those who read the comics will get the hints. I was a bit down when i read that brian singer left the project and opted to direct superman. Hey, i like superman, and i think the movie will be great with him in charge. But x-men will be different without him! I don't care about halle berry, though. Storm can be replaced or gets killed. Then she'll return in another form. Or even make her returns as an infant! Then we'll have gambit. Hmmm... Interesting... I'll just hope there'll be a third x-men movie.

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