Saturday, December 04, 2004

A reunion! Schoolmates, of course, but from elementary school. OEL 89! I met friends who haven't been in touch for 15 years. Wow! The atmosphere was so unbelievable. Most of the faces stay the same. Most are on my friendster list. Thanks to donald & astia who had the ideas for the reunion. Based on my experience, spontaneous ideas for reunion are the ones that usually work. Take isabu, for example. The buka puasa at ps was quite successfull, because it was a spontaneous idea. The current plan for gathering at muly's place are going nowhere as i write this. Back to oel reunion, i had a blast! I've forgotten how crazy this people can be. Considering that some of them are already married and have children, to have them to stay until 11pm was enough proof that they enjoyed seeing each other. The food was secondary. We ate for the sake of not wanting to get kicked out. Hehehe... The old stories went flying, especially embarrassing ones. And there were some of my early crushes *ahem* hahaha... Thankfully those old crushes are married now. But, honestly, i was a bit heartbroken. *sniff* Anyway, we compiled a list of mobile phone numbers and email addresses. And i got to keep the list! I've already input it into an excel files, and promised them to email the list, probably on monday. I also took some pictures, and i'll upload them to my webshots site. It'll be easier to send them by emails, but not everyone has gmail, unfortunately. There'll a wedding tonight, but i don't know whether i'll come or not. As i said in one of my previous blogs, i'm not a big fan of weddings, currently.

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