Sunday, December 05, 2004

*yawn* felt so exhausted, i fell asleep around 8 or 9 pm. The effect of the reunion might have something to do with it. And also, i went to mangga 2 yesterday. Let papa picked some audio cds, bajakan, of course, and a new nokia charger. Jola & donny bought some christmas decorations. Oh, and i bought a couple of belts. Dusit & m2m weren't too bad. It was the very crowded itc that have me headache. But overall it was ok.i managed to not buy anything un-necessary (READ: computer stuff). That's quite an accomplishment, you know. Hehehe... Mama didn't buy anything, but we went to mangga besar to this makassar restaurant. There, mama tried some meatballs. They aren't called "bakso", but "nyuknyan" or something. She'd been very curious about them until yesterday, and she wasn't disappointed. Hehehe... I tried the fried rice. It was unusual, the color wasn't black, but red! And it was full of grilled pork. Yummy! So even though i was very sleepy & exhausted come evening, it was quite a day.

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