Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm back!

well, i wasn't really going out or anything, but it feels like ages since the last time i posted. oookayy... what've i been doing...

oh yeah! last week was all Cisco Showcase. from monday to friday. the showcase itself was on wednesday, but i had to attend meetings, go to shangri-la, etc etc etc. we (me, deden, eka, chorie) stayed at shangri-la for 2 nights, which was cool. no breakfast, not cool. good lunch & dinner, cool. it was hard labour. monday night, we had to prepare the "goody bag", which was actually a bunch of brochures put into a paper bag. we had to make 500 goody bags! *groan* hard labour! if i have a good right leg, perhaps it wouldn't be a big problem. hmm... we finished at 3am. i spent an hour or so in the bathtub until me leg felt somewhat normal. hehe..

the showcase itself is considered a success. the cisco person even dubbed it the most successful showcase EVER. wow! i spent most of the day backstage, watching the notebook used for the presentations. *yawn*

even after the showcase was over, our job wasn't finished. there were (and ARE) reports to be made. money to be paid, etc etc etc. even now, i have 400.000 in my hand for one of the talent! damn!

but all in all, i'm beginning to enjoy this pr job. there are highs and lows, of course. but it's good to change.

speaking of change, i've been hearing stories about infokomputer. apparently to improve things, mas tono applied some major changes. one of those is to remove hierarchy. no more managing editor, or "redaktur pelaksana". mbak wiek is still editing articles, but from what i can understand, her power is reduced. that's still ok, i think. the other one is quite scary. there can no more be deadline misses. anyone who miss the deadline 3 times in a row will be fired! *GASP!* that's new! as far as i recall, there hasn't been a case of firing. it's really scary, but i think it's the right way. we.. pardon me, they've been feeling too comfortable, thinking that they can miss the deadline without being punished. is it harsh? don't think so. after all, a discipline is a discipline. i just hope infokomputer will get better and bounce back from the lows of these last few months.

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