Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the end is coming! be prepared!!

the end of 2004, i mean. hehe... for me, it's 1 day away. today and tomorrow. er.. does that mean 2 days away? anyway, we at ippr have extra holiday from 27 to 30 dec, due to some redecorations and renovations to be done. don't want to get us consultants dirty, you know? very, very nice, isn't it? sure makes other people envious! ha! nyahnyahnyah! hehe... but i'm bored already. practically have nothing to do. bah.

the situation at infokomputer gets more interesting day by day. yesterday i chatted with mbak warih, and she told me some exciting (and juicy!) updates. and from all that updates, i come to the conclusion that most (or even ALL) of the editorial staffs at infokomputer hate my ex-boss. get that, you grumpy old woman! HAHAHAHA... it's a warning for you, single woman all around the world: GET MARRIED!!! or at least get a long-term relationship. or become old and grumpy! *LOL*

started a new mailing list for alumni sd oel 89. i specifically stated that i needed at least 15 participants (including me) to start. they agreed. so, here i am, managing yet another milis. the others are, of course, isabu and simplicita. i let go of milis-infonet.

speaking of simplicita, yesterday was supposed to be the last practice in december. due to timing reason, i decided not to participate and sing at kkg's christmas party. too bad. i missed singing already! perhaps i'll be able to come and see them sing. yeah. maybe i'll do that, time permitting.

one last note: I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!

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