Sunday, January 02, 2005



I began this year 2005 by staying at crowne plaza hotel with my sd oel friends. The first new year, ever, i celebrated without my family. There were just 8 of us, but it was crazy! I almost got drunk! When my face became red, i followed my friend's advice and got up on my feet. Sitting or lying down will make you drunk, he said. And it paid off! I also drink quite a lot of water, to avoid the hangover. My first hangover experience, when i was at bond, was something i'd rather forget. We just talked, played, drank, and did silly things until we realized it was time to sleep. At 5! Woke up at 8 and thought hard about taking a shower.

Anyway, thanks to the vicinity of plaza semanggi, we could go there just by walking. We went to the duck king for our new year lunch. It was great! Quite expensive by my standard, though. But hey, it's new year! Hahaha...

Just as i said before, i sent new year smses. And boy did i get replies! Some of them were protests, though, because i sent those greetings waaaaay early. I put the wrong year on my early sms, as amel pointed out. Luckily she did, so i could correct it. Otherwise i'd get more protest! Hahaha...

When it's new year, people talk about resolutions. And mine are... Well, i haven't thought about them, really. I guess for the short term is to get my contract at ippr extended to permanent employment. It's due this month. After that's settled, i'll be able to think about my immediate future. I'll also write some reviews for infokomputer, because they nicely asked me. I don't expect to get rich by doing that, since the paycheck is rather pathetic, but it'll be nice to write again. And this time, i'll ask them to put my name! =P

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