Wednesday, January 12, 2005


i was sleeping when i thought i heard an sms arrived. i was right! i opened it this morning, though. couldn't be bothered to reach my mobile and read it while i was taking my beauty sleep! hehehe... sadly, it contained a sad news.

"Kbr duka cita: Mamanya Reinnese mninggal dunia tgl 11 jan 05. Saat ini disemayamkan di rmh duka : Jl. Murai III Bintaro Jaya Sek.1. tq"

Rest In Peace.

now, i didn't know reinnese's mom at all. zip. nada. not even meet her once. but i found this news intriguing, because i had a discussion about reinnese's mom with nancy just the night before, at effatha. it turned out she (reinnese's mom, not nancy) was given a wrong treatment for her cancer, the family thought. so the cancer wasn't killed, and her internal organs got damaged. not pretty. must be very, very painful. she spent a lot of months at hospital under intensive care. i said to nancy, why didn't they just take her home? it was obvious that she'd die anyway. why prolong the pain? nancy said they wanted to keep her alive as long as possible. hmmm... now she's gone, free from all the pains.

Rest In Peace.

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