Tuesday, January 04, 2005

finished my articles!

ok, i think i still got it. the writing ability, i mean. in just a couple of minutes i finished writing (or rather, typing) my second article. it's not much, really. just under 5000 characters, for 1 page. what took me long was actually calling infokomputer and asking what kind of audio chip that motherboard has. after that, it was easy. 2 pages of motherboard reviews. easy done it. that leaves me with nothing to do. darn!

rianti asked me to upload a pic of me with tie on. actually, she wanted a pic of me with suit! hahaha... so here it is.

this pic was taken for the internal IP magazine, called InPac. Andy, who took the pic, wanted me to be shown as a gadget freak. so that was why i held my pda in this pic, even though my other hand was holding the mouse, not the stylus. this was taken way before the holidays, so my desk's layout was the old one.

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