Thursday, January 06, 2005

a new magazine?

look at this picture:

even though i was told already that the jan ed of infokomputer will have a girl on the cover, i was still surprised when i see it myself. minimal text. no product photos. almost no bullet-points. an entirely new concept! let the picture do the talking? or rather, let the picture do the selling? hahaha...

compared to this one, last year's dec ed, which has a typical info cover, the new one is sure refreshing to look at. i applaud info for this decision.

the content, however, is more or less the same. that is, BORING! hehe... but still i was surprised to see mas jull, adam, & bowo wrote some product reviews/tests. nice change of air. or are they just under-staffed?

btw, this jan ed has a vcd, the last one i was involved in. honestly, i'm not satisfied at the final result. the acting, or rather voice acting, was bad. even mas warto & rini acted better. the content itself can use some more polishing. but this is the first vcd produced entirely in-house, so that itself deserves a thumb-up.

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