Monday, January 03, 2005

i need more data!!!

had my first writing experience in 3 months, the first since i began working at ippr. what do i write?? motherboard reviews, of course!!! those guys at infokomputer sure are under-staffed. so i accepted their offer to write again. just 2 pages, for starter.

they emailed me some data and pictures. i thought i could just begin writing, like the old times. and i could! i had no problem writing. in just 10 minutes or so, i wrote more than 2000 characters, or 2/3 of the whole articles. that was just mentioning the features, stuffs, and on and on and on. but middle-way, i realised i need more data. for example, i need to know the contents of the manuals. are they adequate? i also need to know equipments used for the testing. simple things, really. things that i usually found out myself back when i was there. but now i can't! i'm at the mercy of emails and messengers! damn!

oh, by the way. we have new carpets here in the office. the desks are also repainted. nice. i also did some relocation for my stuffs on the desk. i put the computer casing on the desk, not on the floor. i also took eka's phone to replace mine. this phone is bigger and has speaker phone capability. nice. i also have a new drawer. with keys! nice.

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