Friday, January 07, 2005

weekend is coming!

i'm still bored. so i decided to read infokomputer some more. mostly i'm interested in how they do testing for networking products. take switch, for example. before i got there, the test had been a joke. they just copied a big file from a computer to another. that was it. humiliating, because it wouldn't stress the switch enough. when i was handed the job, i tried to do the same, and i discovered that it wasn't enough. guys from dataglobal, allied telesyn's distributor, told me to use a software, called chariot. i looked for it, but it's a commercial software. luckily i found qcheck, which was a trimmed-down version of chariot. i used qcheck for subsequent networking product tests. last year, i began to feel not satisfied by qcheck. so once again i tried chariot. this time, i found the work-around. so i was able to use it. alas, not long after that, i decided to move to indo pacific. but before i went, i put the software in one of the computers at info. as fate would have it, one of them re-formatted the harddisk, so all of the softwares i put there was lost. so how do they test networking products now? it's like old times all over again: by copying a big file from a computer to another! omigod. i just hope the vendors don't get discouraged and stop sending products to info, because networking products are what make info different from other mags.

tomorrow there'll be an isabu reuni of some sort. this time it'll be at muly's house. i've made an appointment to meet meiske at citos, then go to muly's house together. i hope it's going to be fun!

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