Saturday, October 30, 2004

InfoKomputer is in panic mode! That's right. I'm not making this up. Thursday i found out that i'm still subscribed to the warungbulek maillist. From there i read some disturbing news. And after i chatted with tolenk & mbak putri, it was confirmed that all is not well there. Now, it doesn't concern me a bit. Or does it? It's been a common knowledge among the editorial staff that the business has been declining. But why the panic mode is started just now? Does that have anything to do with me quitting? Maybe. Probably. Either way, i shouldn't be too concerned. What i think is, the people there are getting a false sense of security. They think IK won't be closed. So therefore they won't be fired. Perhaps. That's why they don't care if the miss the deadline. After all, there's no punishment. A very, very bad work ethics.

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