Thursday, October 21, 2004

hari terakhir

jam 7 malem ini, gw bakal cabut keyboard, mouse, & kabel2 ide gw. and that marks my last day in infokomputer. i'm having huuuuuge mixed feelings about leaving here. i thought i've put down roots here. hey, i was planning to get satya kalpika! hahahaha... but it wasn't to be, it seemed.

no farewell speeches, nothing. just the way i like it. quietly! hehehe... i'll miss some of these guys, but i'll be relieved to leave most of them!

oya, berhubung gw di rmh gak ada komputer, this will be my last post for a while. gw gak tau gmn kondisi di indopacific, but i'm pretty sure gw bakal dpt komputer.

sooo... that's it! you'll see "Stephen A. Y. Warouw" no more di daftar "TIM Lab". you'll see "(step)" no more in the articles. in fact, even though i did some works for the november, december, and january issues, my boss has decreed that since i've resigned, my name will be removed. whatever.

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