Friday, September 24, 2004


hari gajian! yiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! hehehe... it's the day of the month when i feel very, veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rich!

going to meet rianti today. she said she's going to bring me something from peru. yikes! what's it going to be? in return gw bawain dia sambel ikan roa. it's very yummy, you know! apalagi klo dimakan bareng2 telor! *ngiler* terus gw mo kasih dia majalah infokomputer edisi september ah.

nana blg klo dia udah fwd cv gw ke bosnya. "she'll contact you directly," she said. but.. "if she finds you fit for the job." oh well. hehehe... like i said yesterday, hopefully things will fall in motion. whatever motion that will be.

still have the cold. been taking neozep & redoxon for 2 days. the first time i took proper medication since last week. moga2 minggu depan udah beres.

other than that, today's still a lazy day. and boring! huh. untungnya gw mo lunch bareng rianti. change of scenery will be good.

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