Friday, September 17, 2004

HAAATCCHIIII!!! *'scuze me*

pilegh beradh. kyknya gw ketularan bokap nih. soon, serumah bakal pilek jg. hehe... untung kerjaan udah kelar semua for this week. otherwise this cold would annoy me so much.

how do you like the lighthouse? kinda... dunno... scary... yg jelas gw jd inget sama byron bay!

1 lagi org tertarik blogging krn gw. si icha, alias tirza gisela, alias gizelle. the thing is, she's almost blank when it comes to html. so to customize her blog, she doesn't have a clue. sad. i'd like to help, really, tp susah klo lewat yahoo messenger, soalnya gw musti liat template dia kyk apa. i'm not too good at being a 'remote helper'. hehehe...

kmrn mas jull nawarin ide utk nerbitin infokomputer tgl 20an. jadi, edisi maret keluarnya 20an februari. it's a very good ide, me reckon. utk bisa kyk gitu, deadline musti dimajuin banget! let's say, 20s the month before. can we achieve that? i know I CAN. there's no reason we can't achieve that, make the deadline. it's all about willingness and attitude, really. cieeee... look who's talking! hahaha... but at least i finished faster than the others. even if it's not going to be credited (i hope it will!!!), i still have the satisfaction. it's all about myself! hahaha... i'm so selfish!

yikes. mendadak dipanggil ngobrol2 utk ngomongin vcd. hmm.. vcd merakit pc lagi. sounds boring to me, honestly. but duty is always first, isn't it. what puzzles me is somehow i feel very important. a career move is on the way? perhaps. tp garis karir gw skrg tuh sbg hardware reviewer, not as journalist. soalnya gw jarang banget keluar utk wawancara2. at times that i do that, mainly from computer hardwares' perspective. oh well. let's just live day by day. hehehe... heavy, man!

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